Oh…You look awesome in this dress. It was the first comment I received when I came out of my dressing room. Fortunately I wore black jeans on that day for the first time. At that time I thought that I was missing this stuff in my life if I could not have bought these black jeans last night.

Jeans are trousers normally developed from Denim. Jeans are casual dress mainly designed for casual work. Jeans history goes back to 19th century in (Dhunga) India where these were developed from the Denim and was used by the sailors as “Dungarees”. When we talked about the jeans, only blue pair of jeans came to our mind because it was traditionally dyed only in blue color which is dominated in American culture especially in young people. During World War II, Jeans were the most favorite among the workers in the factories. Both men and women liked it the same. Initially men’s jeans were having zipper in the front and for women it was on right side. During 1960,s jeans became more acceptable and in 1970’s it was the most popular fashion in casual wear across America to wear a pair of jeans. In 1880’s a pair of good denim jeans costs $ 1.5 USD where as in 2007 its average cost was $35.00 USD, Now you can have an average quality jeans in $50.00 to $75.00 USD.A survey reveals that in 2007 only the American spent $ 14 Billion to buy jeans.

In 1850’s a German trader named “Levi Strauss” started selling denim jeans to the workers of California mining industry. He named his brand as “Levi’s” jeans. Today Levi Strauss is on of the biggest jeans manufactures in the world. Other famous brands in jeans are Wrangler and Lee etc.
Usually Blue color dominates in jeans which are developed from indigo dye. There are several other colors also available in jeans. Black jeans became popular in early 90’s when it was first time introduced. It is much popular in young adults which wear different shades in black jeans.

Black Jeans can be worn loosely or in tight fitting. It depends upon the manufacturer who may introduced a baggy style loose fitting jeans or a tight black skinny jeans worn with flats by the women which will fit rightly into your body curves. The black skinny jeans have a snug fit through the legs and a small opening. Black skinny jeans are tapered completely at the bottom. It is made up of stretch denim with 2-4% spandex. There are several brands which are developing many styles in mens black jeans and some brands also offer men’s black jeans in vintage look where it has been pre modified as per style.

The style in jeans never comes to stop. On every other day you can find black jeans men passing down by you on the escalator wearing a new style. You can buy black jeans in many available styles and fits developed by several brands. These fits are primarily developed in keeping focus on trend, age group, sex, figure and the brand itself. Some of the popular fits are : Skinny jeans ,Straight jeans , Relaxed style jeans , High waist cut jeans, Boy Cut jeans, Ankle Cut jeans, Capris jeans, Carpenter style jeans , Low rise jeans, Baggy jeans etc.

Black Denim Jeans developed for men are having longer rise and zipper as compared to women which short rise and zipper, which may differ according to styles of the brand like it was trend in the past that high rise was in major popular among the women. The rise in the jeans often considers being the distance from the crotch to the waistband.

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