Golf shirts are a classic symbol of the values of the game- persistence, sophistication, and subtlety in performance as well as presentation. Depending on the intensity of your golfing style, whether you pursue the sport as a casual hobby, social endeavor, or as serious athlete, the golf shirt of your choice should reflect your physical needs and level of commitment. From the purposefully functional Nike thermal and Dri-fit golf shirts to the lifestyle-centered Ashworth and Callaway brands, an abundance of interpretations of the menswear staple are available.

Ashworth golf shirts can be explored through their corporate web site featuring the 2009 line, which lauds the brand’s legacy as the “authentic golf brand” due to its awareness of the traditions encompassed by the sport. Ashworth offers both men’s and women’s apparel, with each subset divided into several categories. Men’s apparel includes jackets, knits, organic cloth, outerwear, wind shirt, and woven varieties.

As Ashworth prides itself on being a brand, which caters to not just the act of playing golf, but the lifestyle associated with a game, their golf shirts can be worn on the course or in daily life. The men’s jackets are basic and minimalist, which increases their versatility. The knit golf shirts combine function with form, adhering to the classic lines of the polo shirt while incorporating breathable fabrics that maintain comfort by wicking away moisture. Such classics are accompanied by trendy pullovers, eco-friendly organic polos, and professional woven button-downs. Prices range from $60 to $120.

While the Ashworth brand is focused on pride in tradition and lifestyle, the Callaway brand appeals to those who engage in the sport as an athletic competition first. Not only does Callaway offer distinctive apparel for men and women, but they also carry golf equipment, accessories, and training aids. Callaway is a one-stop shop for any golfer, whether they are beginners in need of all the basics, or old hands who enjoy the convenience of turning to a trusted name for their golf equipment.

Callaway offers a limited selection of mens golf shirts, currently stocking 4 styles, which range in price from $75 to $110. Their performance shirts are made from a blend of Microfiber Polyester and Tencel to ensure comfort as well as aesthetic appeal. The shirts wick away moisture and are also anti-microbial and wrinkle-free, making them ideal for dedicated athletes.

Although Ashworth and Callaway golf shirts can be expensive when purchased directly from the brand itself, they are also available at drastically reduced prices from department stores.

When purchasing men’s golf shirts, attention to fit is essential. The simple design flatter most frames, but it is important to keep in mind the mobility required in the upper torso and arms to play golf when choosing a size. It is better to have a golf shirt fit that is a little loose rather than perfectly tight, so that your swing is not hindered by unnecessary discomfort in the shoulders or arms. With a trusted Ashworth or Callaway golf shirt, you will turn heads for your style as well as your game.

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