Boyfriend jeans are exactly what the name suggests. It means that you get to wear your boyfriend’s jeans and be in sync with the latest trend! Don’t stop reading, if you don’t have a boyfriend! Coz these can be bought off the rack as well!

The trend this season is all about looking good in a borrowed or as we like to say ‘stolen’ pair of jeans. So if you have a boyfriend, you have every right to ransack his wardrobe and dish out the hottest pair of jeans you can get your hands on.

The fit of these jeans is not really defined so just grab a pair which would fit you well and most importantly, make you look cool. They could be with cuffed hems or low rise or have a loose fit. As long as you look good in them, the jean style or the fit does not matter.

Perfect looking boyfriend cut jeans are also available for sale in the market. You could choose from various different cuts and styles. Buy a boyfriend jean that has a zipper or have buttons in the front. Choose one that has holes and cuts and looks worn out!

You can really get creative when sporting boyfriend jeans as there are no rules and many ways to wear them. Let’s see how you can look your best in them by keeping the pointers mentioned below in mind!

If you have a pair of jeans that are longer than your legs, you could cuff them from the ends so that they don’t brush the ground. You could roll up the jeans according to the footwear you choose.

You could wear a pair of flat sandals or heels or flip flops with these super cool jeans. And you can even team them up with cute ballet flats.

Boyfriend jeans basically have a very informal and a casual look. It is best to minimize on the accessories when wearing them. The jeans look just great with a nice plain t-shirt. The entire look is kind of laid back and relaxed so you don’t need to rack your brains while choosing a top for yourself.

You will need a belt to keep those jeans in place, so you could either borrow one from your boyfriend to complete the look or just wear your own!

Go for the plain and subdued colors like browns or a simple black belt and avoid loud designs or colors.

These jeans are extremely comfortable to wear, so don’t be surprised if you get addicted to them! They are baggy yet stylish and they look both smart and casual.

Boyfriend cut jeans look best when worn with the right attitude. So put your best foot forward when stepping out of your house, coz with these jeans on, you are sure to attract a lot of attention!

Now that you know that you don’t have to be in a relationship to sport a pair of boyfriend jeans, you can get a pair that fits you the way you like it to!

Celebrities around the world can be found wearing these popular jeans. The boyfriend jean has become the latest rage among the women. There are different brands that offer these jeans for sale. You could get one by ordering from the internet or you can have them custom made for you as well.

Up until now, you have borrowed clothes from your sisters and girl friends, now its time to do the same with your boyfriends! Sounds like fun doesn’t it! Well, it is!

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